UH System Course Transfer Database

To find out for yourself which institutions within the UH System will accept your transfer credits just follow these five easy steps.

1. Go to the UH System Course Transfer Database


2. What school did you take your courses from?

If you attended a school within the UH System, click the drop down menu on your left and choose the specific institution. Once you have highlighted the correct school, click continue. If you attended a non-UH school, type in the name of the institution in the box on the right and click search. One or more institutions will then appear below depending on how specific you were with your search. Once you have located the right school then go ahead and click on the school link.

3. Now what school within the UH Sustem are you transferring your credits to?

Once again, you can click on the drop down menu, highlight the appropriate institution and then press continue.

4. What courses are you interested in transferring?

If you want to look at only one subject, simply highlight it by left-clicking your mouse button. But, if you want to see several subjects at once, press the shift button down while highlighting the subjects. Once you have chosen your subjects of interest, go ahead and press continue.

5. Finally, you may view the results.

The course on the left is the course you took at your previous institution and the credits on the right are what you will receive at your new school. Sometimes your course will transfer directly to an existing couse but other times you will receive elective credit. If, however, you don't see your course listed at all it may simply mean that your course has not yet been evaluated. But, as always, if you have any questions it is best to speak with a counselor as this information is subject to change.