Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Transfer

1. Will my courses transfer to another college?

If you are planning on transferring to an institution within the UH system such as UH-Manoa, UH-Hilo, or UH-West Oahu then you can check the transfer credit database for course equivalencies.

If the course(s) in question are not in the database or if you are planning on transferring to a non-UH institution then you will want to go directly to that institution for which you are transferring for more information.

Honolulu Community College is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and it is a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Consortium so our courses are commonly accepted.

2. How do I transfer my credits?

If you are transferring to UH-Manoa, UH-West Oahu, or UH-Hilo then you need to complete your application form and submit a tuition deposit to authorize an evaluation of your transcript.

If you are transferring to one of the community colleges within the UH system then you need to complete the Transcript Evaluation Request Form [PDF] either online or in person and submit it to the Records Office.

If you are transferring to an institution outside the UH system, you will need to provide official transcripts from each college you have attended along with course descriptions. Transcripts must be sent directly from one college to another to be considered "official".

Transcript requests must be submitted to the Record's Office at Honolulu Community College.

3. When should I start planning my transfer?

If you are planning on transferring to a Baccalaureate awarding institution then you should start preparing as soon as possible.

Not all Associates degree programs are designed to prepare you to transfer. For example, courses that are numbered below 100 level will not transfer to a four-year institution.

As a result, the Liberal Arts, Associate in Arts degree usually provides the best transfer option. The general education courses required in a Liberal Arts degree are often counted as equivalent to the first two years at a four-year institution. However, the Liberal Arts path may not always be the best route for every student so it is highly recommended that once you have decided on your major that you visit your program counselor.

Meeting with a Career Counselor is recommended if you are unsure about what major to choose. UH-Manoa has an excellent website with a list of all their program requirements or search using "Program Sheets" once on UH-Manoa's website.

4. Where can I get transfer information for the four-year campuses within the UH system?

5. What form(s) should be filled out to begin the transfer process?

If you are a continuing student at Honolulu Community College and you are transferring to one of the other community colleges within the UH system then you would need to fill out a Change of Home Institution Form which can be found at the Counseling Office in Bldg 6.

If you are not a continuing student and you wish to transfer to one of the other community colleges within the UH system or if you are transferring to UH-Manoa, UH-West Oahu, or UH-Hilo then you are required to fill out a University of Hawaii System Admission Application form which can be printed out [PDF] or submitted online.

6. Should I wait until I have all required items ready before I send in my application?

No. You can send your application packet (i.e. transcripts, health clearances, test scores [if needed], application and application fee) all together or as you acquire them. The most important thing to remember is that all items need to be received by the application deadline.

Some programs require a separate application in addition to the general application to UH- Manoa. See your Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Counselor for details if you have questions after looking at the program requirements for your intended major.

7. Is there an advantage to completing my Liberal Arts A.A. degree before transferring?

Since tuition is generally cheaper, classes are smaller, and the classes are closer to home at community colleges you would save time and money by staying as long as possible.

In addition, four-year institutions often accept most general education in transfer from community colleges within the same system as having met the general education core requirements, allowing you to complete your general education core before entering your major as a junior.

8. What is automatic admission and who benefits from it?

Students who are in the Liberal Arts A.A. program as well as those who are in the A.S. in CENT, ECE, and OESM programs who are about to graduate can apply to UH-Manoa, UH-West Oahu, or UH-Hilo and have the application fee waived. These students must also have:

Current students at one of the four-year institutions and students who have been suspended or dismissed are not eligible.

9. What is the STAR database and how can it help me simplify my transfer process?

The STAR database has several tabs that are designed to inform you where you are in terms of meeting your educational goals.

For additional help contact the Liberal Arts Counselors at:

Jean Maslowski

Maggie Templeton

Or contact the Articulation & Matriculation Officer at:

Scot Parry