Choosing a College

Choosing the right college is as important as choosing your first home. Therefore it is important that you enter into this experience with the right set of tools:

  1. First Tool: Identify your Program of Study, otherwise known as your Major.
    • Do some research by visiting a college's website to learn about what majors they offer.
    • Not sure what you want to major in? The Career and Employment Center would be happy to help you find out what your field or fields of interest are.
  2. Second Tool: Identify the Cost.
    • Cost can sometimes be the deciding factor in selecting a college but don't be too quick to eliminate a school until you've had a chance to speak with a FA counselor.
    • Look into scholarship and financial aid opportunities such as
    • Consider working a job on campus as another source of income to defray the cost of your education.
  3. Third Tool: Determine the Preferred College Size.
    • Ask yourself if the size of the college matters and if the size of the classes matters.
    • And if so, which size do you prefer, big or small? Both have their benefits
  4. Fourth Tool: Select your Location.
    • Determine if you would like to stay in Hawai`i or go away to a mainland college.'
    • If you do choose to go to the mainland, what area - West Coast, Mid-West, East
    • If you choose to stay in Hawai`i, transportation may be an issue so be aware that you may need to allow for additional travel time and expense.
  5. Fifth Tool: Know what Interests You.
    • Know what your interests are and research colleges that offer those special offerings, such as, sports, religious based education, cultural activities, clubs, both social and academic, etc.