Group Study Rooms

Library group study rooms are available for use by HCC/UH System students. The study rooms are for groups of at least two and no more than six students. The accommodations for the five group study rooms are as follows:
ROOM 112 (1st Floor) 2 - 4 STUDENTS
ROOM 113 (1st Floor) 2 - 6 STUDENTS
ROOM 205 (2nd Floor) 2 - 6 STUDENTS
ROOM 206 (2nd Floor) 2 - 6 STUDENTS
ROOM 207 (2nd Floor) 2 - 6 STUDENTS
The primary purpose of these rooms is to provide a place for students to engage in collaborative and cooperative academic study in small groups. HCC faculty and staff may reserve a study room to conduct college business.

Library study rooms cannot be used for social gatherings, playing games, tutoring for profit, non-academic projects, and regularly scheduled classes.
Each room has a table, 4 to 6 chairs, a chalkboard, and a wireless network connection available for your laptop computer.
Students may sign up two weeks in advance for a room reservation. Go to the Circulation Services counter with your UH ID card to reserve a room. Students may reserve a room for a maximum period of 2 hours.

If a reserved room has not been claimed after 10 minutes, another group may make use of it.
In addition to the general policies listed below, students must comply with HCC Library's Rules of Conduct. Failure to comply will result in loss of privileges.
  • Individual use of a group study room is not allowed.
  • One person may not enter the room until the rest of the group arrives.
  • A group may use the room for a maximum of 2 hours; an additional hour may be granted to extend the initial reservation if no other group is awaiting the room.
  • Continuous reservations made by different members of the SAME group will not be permitted.
  • Do not move furniture into or out of the room.
  • Rooms are not soundproof. Please be mindful of neighboring staff offices and other study rooms, keep voices and noises to a minimum.
  • Library staff reserves the right to cancel a reservation at any time.
  • Clean off chalkboard.
  • Push chairs under table.
  • Turn off lights and close door.
Please return to the circulation counter to advise library staff that your group is finished with the room.


Updated 1/10/14