Computer Use Policy

HCC Library supports the mission of Honolulu Community College by assisting students, faculty, and staff in obtaining and using information resources effectively to enable and promote student learning. Therefore, library computers are provided primarily for students to conduct their course-related research.

The library staff will assist you with your course-related research such as locating and obtaining books and other materials, searching databases (e.g., InfoTrac), and evaluating websites.

The Library staff cannot assist with myUH, email, word processing and spreadsheets, Laulima, FAFSA, registration, etc. You are advised to seek appropriate assistance, such as by consulting your instructor, counselor, Financial Aid, and/or the Computer Lab.

You are responsible for your data. No information can be saved onto the library's computers. Please save your data to a disk or flash drive. You may also print documents for 10 cents per page.

Please keep in mind that these are shared computers in a public area. Use of these computers for private, confidential, or sensitive information is not encouraged. Practice safe computing.

Unless otherwise noted, the information you obtain using the library's computers does not represent the official statements or views of Honolulu Community College Library. The library cannot make any guarantee regarding accuracy, truthfulness, completeness, usefulness, or applicability of the information obtained, and cannot control access points that may change. The library disclaims all liability arising from your use of information obtained through library computers. HCC Library complies with the Honolulu Community College Facility and Equipment Policy:

This facility and the equipment in it are provided to further the educational mission of Honolulu Community College. Users are encouraged to make use of the facility to further their own educational goals at the College. The use of this facility and equipment for purposes other than the educational goals of the College may be prohibited if such use interferes with another's use of the facility. Uses such as accessing adult Web sites will be offensive to many and are prohibited. Engaging in such activities may result in the loss of access to and use of this facility and the equipment in it.

The Library also adheres to University of Hawaii Executive Policy E2.210, "Use and Management of Information Technology Resources".

The following are prohibited on the Student Computers:
  • game playing
  • chat rooms
  • accessing adult Web sites that may be offensive to the community
  • attempting to make changes to computer settings
  • installing software and hardware
Violation of these policies will result in the loss of computer privileges at HCC Library.