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Name/Title Department Office Email Phone
Madden, Douglas
Professor, CC
Architectural, Engineering and CAD Technologies 2-601 845-9409
Maddox, Conred
Language Arts 71-D2 845-9239
Maile, Henry
Educational Specialist
Automotive Technology 43-8   842-9872
Mandraccia, Steven
Asst Professor
Mathematics 7-410 847-9807
Manuel, Irene
Operations and Maintenance 18   847-9845
Marinas, Evangeline
Operations and Maintenance 18 847-9845
Martin, Janina
Early Childhood BLD 02-211A 845-9206
Martines, Bryan
Commercial Aviation Kalaeloa Airfield   682-6390
Martinez, Melissa
Student Services Specialist, ACCESS
Student ACCESS 5-107B 844-2392
Marushige, Suzette
Office Assistant III
Educational Technology Center 7-301 845-9125
Maslowski, Jean
Associate Professor, (Counselor)
Counseling 6 845-9278
Matsumoto, Glenn
UH Publications Specialist
Design Center 16 845-9460
Matsumoto, Mieko
Lecturer, History
History 7-618 845-9418
Matutino, Calvin
Instructor, CC (High School Based), CONSTRUCT
Construction Academy 832-3700  
Mauz, Frank
Associate Professor, CC
Mathematics 7-411 845-9441
McConnell, April
Student Services 6 845-9236
McGrath, Margo
Language Arts 533A 845-9855
McKay, Lynnette
Assistant Professor
Cosmetology 27-108 847-9850
McKeon, James
History 7-622    
McKinney, Christopher
Associate Professor, CC
Language Arts 7-513 845-9433
Meacham, Lawrence
Political Science 7-617 845-9161
Medeiros Jr., David
Educational Specialist
Automotive Technology 43 842-9872
Mediati, Mario
Associate Professor
Pacific Center for Advanced Technology Training 5-102D 845-9201
Mesina, Irene
Professor (Head Librarian)
Library 7 - Library 845-9195
Meyer, Mike
Information Technology Services 2-503 844-2308
Miho, Shanon
Associate Professor, (Counselor)
Counseling 6 847-9837
Mikulski, Thomas
Professor, CC
Electrical Installation and Maintenance Technology 24-7 845-9210
Miller, Charles
Educational Specialist
College Skills Center 7- 317 844-2396
Miller, Marshall (Bob)
Instructor, CC (High School Based)
Construction Academy Firehouse 832-3700
Miller-Cabasug, Ina
Instructor (Learning Resources/Retention Specialist)
Student Success 71D-3 844-2353
Milnes, Faith
Art 7-308A 845-9165
Miyamoto, Owen
Aeronautics Maintenance Technology 28   832-3726
Moore, Chris Ann
Associate Professor
Philosophy 7-614 845-9424
Moravcik, Eva
Early Childhood 2-211G 845-9153
Morimoto, Beryl
Program Manager
Pacific Center for Advanced Technology Training 2-512 845-9464
Moriwaki, Sharene
Chief Personnel Officer
Human Resources 6 847-9843
Mount, Lorna
Music 7-614 845-9415
Murakami, Barbara
Office Assistant
Career and Employment Center 6-104 845-9204
Murphy, Kaiulani
Language Arts 7-433L 845-9157
Myhre, Sarah
Library 7 - Library 845-9194

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