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Name/Title Department Office Email Phone
Rabanal, Kathy
Office Assistant
University College 5-201 845-9420
Rabang, Jacqueline
Early Childhood Specialist
Early Childhood LCC Children Center 455-0488
Ramos, Bradley
Computing, Electronics, and Networking Technology 13-112  
Raphael, Douglas
Speech 7-624 844-2388
Rapozo, Helen
UH Information Technology Specialist
Information Technology Services 07-305A 845-9202
Rawleigh, Lori
Instructor CC
Language Arts 71C-Office 844-2317
Reelitz, Ena
Early Childhood Specialist
Early Childhood KCC Children Center 734-9397
Reis, Puaolena
Academic Support Coordinator
TRIO-Student Support Service 3 844-2386
Rhode, Richard (Scotty)
Instructor, CC
Fire and Environmental Emergency Response 9-1 845-9450
Ringor, Kristy
Student Support Specialist
Native Hawaiian Programs 20-1 845-9176
Roberts, Darlene
Office Assistant - emergency hire
Educational Media Center 7-301   845-9125
Roberts-Deutsch, Marcia
Professor, CC
University College 6-Admin 845-9110
Rogers, Stacy
Professor, CC
Fire and Environmental Emergency Response 27-220 845-9212
Ross, Jon
Educational Specialist (Audio Engineering)
Music and Entertainment Learning Experience 2-412 844-2344
Rothe, Marion (Bill)
Assistant Professor, CC
Aeronautics Maintenance Technology 140 Iako Place 831-6841
Rubio, Brent
Instructor, Chemistry
Natural Sciences 845-9491  

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