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Pay Your Tuition & Fees

You should pay your tuition and fees as soon as possible. At the Passport to College event students will register for their courses. It is encouraged that students bring a form of payment to make a payment on that day. Only people who have paid are officially students. Payment is required to obtain a student ID card.

View more information about Tuition and Fees

Forms of payment include:

View Payment Plan Information

All students are required to pay tuition and fees by the appropriate deadline. Student billing statements are available through MyUH Portal.

Residents 2012-2013
Tuition - Resident $ 101/credit
Tuition - Non-Resident $ 296/credit
Activity Fee $ 0.50 - $5.00
Publication Fee $ 5.00
Student Life Fee $ 5.00

To be considered a full time student, a minimum of 12 credits must be taken. Most general education classes, on average, are 3 credits each. Anything less than 12 credits is considered a part time student.

What If I Applied For Financial Aid?

Students applying for Financial Aid should pay as normal. You will have an unpaid balance until aid has been awarded. At that time any excess payments can be refunded.


Why wait for refund checks in the mail? Sign up online to have refunds deposited directly into bank account.

  1. 1. Go to www.hawaii.edu
  2. 2. Click on "Access MyUH" and log in with UH username and password.
  3. 3. Click on "Sign up for eRefund" to access the Student Account home page.
  4. 4. Select "Refunds" tab.
  5. 5. Click on "Payment Profile" to set up a refund account. Designate an existing bank account or add a new bank account to accept eRefunds.

For more information or assistance email billpayment-l@hawaii.edu, or phone 845-9140

View eRefund info sheet [PDF]