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Purpose and Activities

The consensus opinion on successful community college retention states that approaches that involve "high touch" are more likely to be successful. The Academic Success Center strives to be as "high touch" as possible in serving students. No matter the barriers keeping students from success, the Academic Success Center wants to help by providing the most personalized and effective service possible.


Ina Miller-Cabasug
Academic Success Coordinator

Don't Cancel Class

If you can't be in class, the Academic Success Center can cover your class by presenting on a number of topics that are relevant to our students. Presentations are typically 20- 60 minutes in length, depending on the presentation and your class's schedule. We are also happy to take attendance if you wish. Even if you don't need to cancel, we would love the opportunity to briefly tell your class about the services that we provide.

Here are some of the topics that are available:

Academic Alert

It's really frustrating when a student simply stops coming to class or else doesn't seek timely help when struggling. The Academic Success Center wants to help you help these students. Whenever you have a student struggling academically or else with attendance, please let us know. Even if the student is too far behind to pass, we'd still like to meet to encourage the student to remain in school. By entering the necessary information on our Early Alert System, we can communicate immediately with the student.

Student Learning Outcomes

The Academic Success Center at Honolulu CC helps students achieve success by helping students achieve these outcomes:

Mission & Core Values


The Academic Success Center (ASC) at Honolulu Community College strives to foster an environment of accountability, support, and achievement, an environment that also challenges all stakeholders to advocate for student success.

Our commitment is to:

I Need Help!

Students face many different obstacles to success. But you can overcome these obstacles, and the Academic Success Center can help. This page is dedicated to providing information on steps you can take if you're facing any of the common barriers that students encounter.

School isn't for me. I'm thinking about quitting!

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