Insurance Plans

University of Hawaiʻi Endorsed Insurance Plans

Here are the latest updates as of 8-14-14!

The insurance plan now includes a dental option! There are now 4 options to choose from! See the box below for more details.

Option Description Student Only
Option #1 Medical with Drug $1,580.73
Option #2 Medical with Drug, Repatriation, Life & AD&D $1,594.27
Option #3 Medical with Drug and Dental $1,696.62
Option #4 Medical with Drug, Dental and Repatriation, Life & AD&D $1,710.16

View the website for more information regarding the new options.

View a copy of the University of Hawaii/Chaminade University Student Plan 2014-2015 [PDF]

Fall 2014 student health insurance coverage may be purchased from about July 29 thru September 22, 2014. Application must be completed and postmarked by the deadline. You may also go to for more information or to apply online and pay by credit card ($10 online enrollment fee will apply-subject to change).

General Information on UH Endorsed Insurance Plans

  • Must be enrolled at either the University of Hawaiʻi or Chaminade University
  • Students with 6 credits or more are eligible to enroll.
  • Brochures are available at the Health Office in mid-to-late July for the upcoming school year.
  • Coverage is for the academic school year and starts August 20 and ends August 19 the following year.
  • Apply for the full year or by the semester and/or for the summer.

The UH Student Health Insurance Committee encourages students to think about their health insurance needs. Lack of adequate insurance coverage may be financially devastating in the event of a major illness or accident. Medical costs can be a burden even in the case of a minor illness. Consequently, the purchase of medical insurance should not be considered "extra", but rather should be viewed as a cost of daily living, in the same way as housing, food, and transportation. Please be aware that medical insurance is considered a legitimate cost of education for purposes of financial aid and should be listed on your financial aid application.

2014-2015 Academic Year Plan

Student Health Insurance information and applications will become available at the Health Office as well as on the HMSA website in mid-to-late July.

The University of Hawaiʻi and Chaminade have selected Hawaiʻi Medical Service Association - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Hawaiʻi (HMSA) to provide student health insurance for UH students for the upcoming academic year. If you do not already have health insurance coverage, we strongly recommend that you consider enrolling in this plan.

Deadlines to pay are firm and payments should be made by mail, direct to HMSA's office, or online (additional fee applies to online payment) prior to these deadlines.

  Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Summer 2015
Enrollment Begins July 31, 2014 December 1, 2014 April 20, 2015
Enrollment Deadline September 22, 2014 February 9, 2015 June 19, 2015
Coverage Period August 20 - December 31, 2014 January 1 - May 19, 2015 May 20 - August 19, 2015

Click on the appropriate links to HMSA's website for more detailed information on:

  • Call HMSA at (808) 948-5555, Option 1 or toll-free at 1-800-620-4672
  • Visit them at the nearest HMSA office to make your payment.
  • Visit their general HMSA website homepage at for services HMSA offers.
  • Visit HMSA's UH-Chaminade webpage for eligibility, benefits, cost, enrollment procedures, and application forms.
  • Visit HMSA's UH-Chaminade FAQ webpage for answers to commonly asked questions regarding obtaining student health insurance.
  • HMSA's Online Care Program is a new online health care system that allows you to talk to a local physician or specialist from HMSA's PPO network. You can have a discussion live via the Web or telephone. Services are immediate, secure, private, affordable and an appointment is not required. For HMSA members, the cost is $10 for each regular 10-minute session. For non-HMSA members, the cost is $45 for each regular 10-minute session.
  • Find a participating provider with HMSA

Frequently Asked Questions

Specific questions regarding the HMSA plan are addressed on HMSA's UH-Chaminade's FAQ webpage. You may also speak to an HMSA representative at 948-5555, Option 1 or toll-free at 1-800-620-4672 regarding our UH-Chaminade Student Health Insurance Plan.

Benefit Plans

Q: Can I switch my benefit plan option in the Spring semester?

A: No, you may only change plan options during the open enrollment period, which is the fall semester.

International Student Health Insurance Requirements

Q: Because I'm an international student who was granted a student visa, I am required to show proof of my enrollment in a health insurance plan. What department do I submit proof I have paid for and have a valid health insurance plan?

A: International students should show proof of enrollment in a health insurance plan that meets the requirements set forth by the US Government issuing student visas. Proof of health insurance enrollment should be to the International Student Counselor at the Admissions/Counseling Office.


Q: My parent's employer is requiring me to get a signature from Honolulu CC verifying my enrollment at the College. Where do I go to get this form signed?

A: The Records Office is the department that is responsible for verifying enrollment at the College.

Q: I am not able to be a full-time student and thus cannot qualify to be on my parents' health insurance plan. I want to know what options I have to qualify and obtain health insurance.

A: The student health insurance plan offered to UH-Chaminade students allows students to enroll with a minimum of 6 credits. This is convenient for students who need to work part-time while they attend classes to obtain health insurance coverage. Students may check to see if they might qualify for free or low cost health insurance through the Hawaiʻi State Department of Human Services. Call 211 for more information.

Q: I don't have insurance but need to obtain medical care? What can I do?

A: Student can check with their community health centers in their respective areas or with the health service at UH Mānoa. Call for eligibility and available services.

  1. University Health Services at Mānoa: 956-8965
  2. Kalihi-Palama Health Center: 845-1438
  3. Ke Ola Mamo (for Native Hawaiians): 848-8000
  4. Kokua Kalihi Valley Health Center (must live in Kalihi Valley): 791-9400
  5. Ko`olauloa Community Health and Wellness (Kahuku): 293-9216
  6. Queen Emma Clinic (Info Line): 691-4970
  7. Waikiki Health Center: 922-4787
  8. Waianae Comprehensive Coast Health Center: 696-7081
  9. Waimanalo Health Center: 259-4787

Q: Are there other insurance plans that students can enroll in?

A: Students may be eligible to continue as a "college student" on their parents' health insurance plan. Families should check with their health insurance carrier or employer about continuing on their current plan or whether they have separate "student" plans for when their child makes 18 years of age and is enrolling in college classes. Many employer plans require that students enrolled under their parents' plan provide verification of full-time status of taking 12 credits or more and there may be an age limit. The UH-Chaminade health insurance plan requires enrollment in a minimum of 6 credits at a UH campus or at Chaminade and has no age limitation, however, student must adhere to the strict enrollment deadline.

Additional FAQs

Check out the University Health Services webpage featuring Student Insurance FAQs for more frequently asked questions and answers that are commonly being asked to the Student Health Insurance Coordinator at UH Mānoa. Visit: their University Health Services FAQ webpage for more information.