Health Record

The Admissions Office receives and maintains all Health clearance (TB & MR) records. Health Clearance records submitted are the property of the College. Health Clearance records that are submitted in-person are photocopied and originals are returned to students.

The Admissions Office receives and maintains all Health clearance (TB & MR) records. Because the College is unable to return these health clearance documents, students needing copies should:

  • Request a copy of immunization records or blood test reports from the following (there may be a fee involved to obtain copies):
    • Physicians who provided these health clearance records to the student in the past.
    • Physician or clinic that did MMR blood screening.
    • Pediatricians or other physicians who may have administered the MMR shots in the past. Unfortunately, the State of Hawaiʻi Public Health department that administers these immunizations in the community cannot provide this documentation at this time.
    • OB-GYNs who may have done a blood test during pregnancy that may have included MMR blood immunity screening.
    • Military or Hawaiʻi National Guard medical files or immunization cards.
    • Hospitals or Clinics that may have required MMR shot in order to work may have documents to support blood screening or having had MMR shot. Check with their Employee Health Department for this information.
  • Check students own files/folders well. Many local high schools distributed "Pupil's Health Record" to students with the student's diploma upon graduating.
  • If the student still can't locate these records, the student should consult their new campus for further instructions.

Students being readmitted back into the UH System may request that their new Admissions or other office handling health clearance go to into the student's GOAMEDI (Banner) screen to view and obtain any health clearance information and coding that might have been provided upon being admitted to a UH Campus. Exception is that UH Mānoa students' health clearance information is maintained and stored in a separate electronic system from the other campuses. Thus, UH Mānoa students needing health clearance documents need to request from University Health Services office.

Once these copies are obtained, it is highly suggested that students create a permanent personal health file/folder as well as a college file/folder with copies of their immunization records and TB tests so that they will always have these in the future.

Health Clearance and Emergency Contact Information on Banner

Health clearance and emergency contact information submitted to any of the Community College campuses are kept and maintained by the student's home campus through Banner, UH's student information system. This information is only made available to staff involved with health clearance for registration purposes, audits, or emergencies. Specific medical or health information is strictly kept confidential unless an emergency situation arises whereby this may be shared on a need-to-know basis with those directly involved with caring for the individual.

Accident (Form 29) or Incident Reports

An accident report and/or incident report [PDF] should be completed immediately after an incident by the injured person, instructor, or other College personnel who might have assisted in the emergency. The original accident or incident report form should be submitted immediately to the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services (VCAS) for review and handling. The VCAS may in turn forward a copy of this report to Human Resources, the appropriate Dean/Division Chair, Safety Officer, Security or Health Office to ensure the proper handling of potential injury claims and resolution of any potential safety issues

Health Office Records

If nursing care services are rendered, a health record is made documenting your visit.

  • Your health record is treated in a confidential manner and serves as a means to documents your care and treatment that you received.
  • Only authorized Honolulu CC Health Office personnel have access to your health record file.
  • Your written authorization is necessary to release any information except when we are required by law or court order to provide this.
  • Your health record may also be a source of information for reviewing and evaluating the competence of the health care professionals who may have been involved in your care. Quality of care is important to us as we strive to deliver the best care possible.

Request for a copy of your health record may be subject to a small charge and must be made in writing. Send self-addressed stamped envelope to the Health Nurse at the Health Office, 874 Dillingham Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96817. Request should be followed by a phone call to (808) 845-9282 (voice/text) or email to confirm receipt of request and ensure that request has been processed.

Your written request for your health record should include the following information:

  • Name
  • School I.D. number, if known
  • Birthdate
  • Daytime phone number that you can be reached at for questions.
  • Specific instructions on what types of documents you are requesting to be released.
  • To whom documents should be mailed (include name, address, phone).
  • If clarification required, whether it is okay or not okay to discuss documents and/or current status with receiving party.
  • Any other applicable comments and/or requests
  • A copy of our Consent to Release Information Sheet [PDF] may be submitted and would meet these requirements.
  • Enclose an addressed and stamped envelope that we may use to place your requested documents. We recommend placing at least 2 first class stamps to cover multiple page documents.

Disability Documentation

All disability-related documentation that might have been provided to the Health Office in the past in order to acquire accommodations has been forwarded to the Student ACCESS office.

Requests for copies of disability-related documentation that may have been submitted in order to receive accommodations may be subject to a small charge and must be made in writing and sent attend to Student ACCESS, 874 Dillingham Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96817. The Student ACCESS office may be reached at (808) 844-2392 (voice/text) or (808) 845-9272 (voice/text) or via Contact them directly for specific information that they may require to process your request.

Referrals and Related Records

The scope of care that we can render is very limited and therefore, clients are not charged for services. Students are encouraged to obtain health insurance through the endorsed UH student health insurance provider or other health insurance provider as referrals made to doctors and other emergency medical care providers become the responsibility of the party requiring these specialized services. Medical records from services obtained from these other sources must be requested directly to the provider of these services.