Off Campus/Military Students

Step 1. Submit System Application Form

  • $25 application fee for non-Hawaiʻi residents
Step 2. File the Residence Information forms

To qualify for residency tuition exemption, active duty U.S. Military personnel stationed in Hawaiʻi, and their authorized family members, must submit a copy of official orders for verification of assignment in Hawaiʻi. Section F needs to be signed by your Commanding Officer.

Step 3. Submit Health Clearance Forms

After you have been accepted:

Step 4. Take the Placement Test

Please call Honolulu Community College's Hickam AFB Office at 421-4350 to schedule a
placement test. Your placement test is very important! Please take it seriously because it will determine what levels of English and Math you will need to take. You will receive your test results immediately.

Step 5. Get a UH Username

Go to  Click on "Get a UH Username" and follow the

instructions to set up your MyUHPortal account. This account allows you to register for classes online, check your financial aid status, check grades, pay online, and much more!

Step 7. Pay your tuition and fees by the posted deadline

After you have registered for classes, tuition can be paid online through the MyUH Portal
using a credit card or in person at the Honolulu Community College Hickam AFB Office using cash, check, VISA/MC,
or Military Tuition Assistance.

Step 8. Purchase your books

Go to the Honolulu CC Bookstore on Hickam AFB (Hangar 2, Room 123) to purchase your textbooks.  Please call 421-4350 for more information.

And finally, go to class!!!!