Ina Miller-Cabasug
Academic Success Coordinator

"I want all students to know how truly important they are and that meeting their needs is the college's most important priority. When any student needs help, no matter what, we can provide resources to help meet nearly any challenge. Just give us a chance to help."

Academic Success Coordinator Ina Miller-Cabasug has been helping students at Honolulu Community College achieve success for seven years. She has a Master's in Counselor Education from San Jose State University. You can email her at or call 844-2353.

Donald Frost
Academic Success Coordinator

"Many students just don't believe they can do it. That's what they've always been told. I heard the same thing, people telling me I shouldn't go to college. Realizing that I could do it was the first step. I want to help students develop the confidence to be successful."

Academic Success Coordinator Donald Frost has been helping students for more than thirty years. Before coming to the Academic Success Center, Donald Frost taught autobody repair at The Employment Training Center, Honolulu CC, and Windward Community College. You can email Don at or call him at 845-9284.

Derick Pang
Academic Success Specialist

"Being an alumni from Honolulu CC, I've experienced many of the challenges facing today's students. The instructors here played a crucial role in realizing my potential as a student. I learned that effort and patience always pay off. Whenever an Honolulu CC student is successful, I feel successful."

Academic Success Specialist Derick Pang has been helping students at Honolulu Community College for twelve years. He graduated from the college with an A.A. in Liberal Arts. After graduating from Honolulu CC, Derick Pang earned a B.A. in Psychology. You can email Derick at or call him at 845-9279.

Jan Abo
Academic Success Assistant

"My passion is helping students at Honolulu CC. There were times I felt like quitting school. There were times I didn't think I belonged at college, but so many people at Honolulu CC would encourage me. Now I get to encourage other students to hang in there. Since I graduated, I know they can too."

Academic Success Assistant Jan Abo graduated from Honolulu Community College in 2013 with an A.A.S. in Cosmetology. She was born and raised in Honolulu and has four children and eight grandchildren. You can email Jan at or call 845-9281.

Mara Aste
Academic Success Student Assistant

"Honolulu Community College has helped me reach my full potential on both an academic and personal level. I'm really excited that I can now help other students achieve success."

Academic Success Student Assistant Mara Aste is scheduled to graduate from Honolulu Community College in Spring 2014 with her A.A. in Liberal Arts. In 2012 and 2013, Mara served as President for Phi Theta Kappa, Honolulu CC's honor society.