Campus Construction Updates

Honolulu Community College is 91 years old (or young)! Many of our buildings, the buildings that we call home for 8, 9, 10 or more hours a day, get older as each semester goes by. We are constantly fighting not just age and obsolescence, but also the wear and tear of our students, employees, and other constituents. As of January 2012 we have 36 identified repair and maintenance projects at an estimated cost of over $17 million dollars. These numbers don't include the critical communications backbone that we continue to upgrade and modernize. Nor do these numbers include the everyday operational maintenance and repair of our facilities.

Without a doubt we are an old campus that has many facility and infrastructure needs. Nonetheless, these buildings have experience and character that have seen a number of leaders educated in our classrooms, walk our halls, and enjoy our grounds over the years. Our goal is to ensure that our buildings and facilities are in shape to continue to remain an integral part of the education for future generation of leaders.

As you go through your daily routines we ask that you both enjoy the buildings and grounds we do have and appreciate the work that goes into maintaining our campus.


All On-Going Construction Projects (as of 3/2012)

R&M Update (7/20/12)

Campus Unfunded Repairs and Maintenance Priorities (report as of 1/2012)

Building 7 Renovation Project