Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

The program is 1 year. You will receive your Certificate of Achievement upon completion of 32 credits.

When do classes start?

Classes start only in the Fall semester and continue through the Spring.

Will a degree in sheet metal help me get into the Sheet Metal Union?

Yes. Upon completion of the Certificate of Achievement, you receive an automatic entry to the union apprentice program.

What do sheet metal workers do?

They create three dimensional products from flat sheets of steel and plastic. They design, cut, punch, drill, rivet, weld, solder, fabricate and install products such as air conditioning ducts, gutters, skylights and any other product made with sheet metal.

Are there any unique features of this program?

Yes. The Hawaiʻi Joint Apprenticeship Committee For the Sheet Metal Industry offers twelve scholarships annually for qualified students pursuing a career in the industry. The scholarship includes payment of tuition, fees and books.

Are there any evening classes?

No. All sheet metal classes are offered during the day.

What kind of tools will I need to buy for the program?

Your instructor will give you a tool list when you start. The approximate cost which include books is about $525.00.