Transfering Within the University of Hawaii System

If you are currently attending another UH System school (UH Mānoa, Hilo, West Oʻahu or any of the Community Colleges in Hawaiʻi), follow these easy steps to get started at Honolulu Community College:

Step 1. Submit the Change of Home Institution Form

The Change of Home Institution Form [PDF] allows us to change your official record to reflect Honolulu CC as your "home institution". Your home institution should be the campus in which you intend on receiving your degree and any financial support (i.e. financial aid, veterans benefits)

Submit this form via:

  1. Fax (808) 847-9829
  2. In Person: Building 6, Admissions and Counseling or
  3. Mail to:

    Admissions Office
    874 Dillingham Blvd.
    Honolulu, HI 96817

Step 2. Are you currently receiving Financial Aid or Veterans Benefits?

If you are currently receiving Financial Aid, notify the Financial Aid Office at your current institution that you will be attending Honolulu CC for the next term. You will need to reapply for financial aid through Honolulu CC since financial aid is not transferable.

If you are receiving Veterans Benefits, notify the VA Coordinator at your current campus that you will be transferring to Honolulu CC. Visit our Records Office for required forms to receive aid through Honolulu CC.

Additional financial aid information, scholarships and forms are available from our Financial Aid Office.

Step 3. Meet with an Academic Counselor

An academic counselor can access your previous course information through our computer system to provide an unofficial evaluation of courses. The academic counselor can then recommend courses for you to take for the upcoming semester. For assistance, set-up an appointment via UHCC MySuccess or call 845-9129 to schedule an appointment.

Step 4. Register for Courses

Students can register online for courses by logging on to MyUH Portal. Your current UH username and password still apply.

If you forgot your password and secret questions, visit our Computer Lab in Building 2, 4th Floor for assistance.

Step 5. Transfer Credits

After you have registered for courses at Honolulu CC, complete the Transcript Evaluation Request Form [PDF] and submit to the Records Office for an official transcript evaluation.

Step 6. Pay your tuition and fees by the posted deadline
Step 7. Purchase your books and supplies

Take a copy of your class schedule to the Honolulu CC Bookstore (located on the ground floor of Building 2) to purchase your textbooks. For bookstore hours, call (808) 845-9105.

And finally, go to class!!!