Frequently Asked Questions

What part of computers does this program focus on?

This program focuses on networking and computer systems administration and security. You will learn how to design, configure and maintain networks. You will also learn how to install, configure and maintain computer operating systems. Included in the program are some required basic programming courses, but it is not the goal of this program to train software developers.

Will I be able to get certified for CISCO, A+ and Microsoft after completing your program?

Yes. The core courses for the program will prepare you to take the industry exams. However, you will have to pay separately to take those exams since they are not required for your course work.

Can I transfer these credits to earn a Bachelors Degree?

Yes. After completing your AS degree from Honolulu CC, you can transfer to UH West Oʻahu and earn a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computing, Electronics and Networking Technologies. You can also earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Systems Administrations at Hawaiʻi Pacific University. Both Bachelor degrees require that a minimum of 30 credits be completed at that campus. Refer to the Articulation information on for more specific information on requirements.

Can I get credits toward my degree if I have CISCO and A+ Certification?

Yes. Please see the program counselor and you may be able to get credits for the CENT program.

Are there any classes offered in the evening or through distance education?

No- not at this time. All classes are offered on campus during the day.

Are all of the classes taught in lecture format?

No. Most of the classes include lab so there is a lot of hands-on instruction.

What is the difference between the required internship and required cooperative education class?

An internship is where you are performing some kind of work activity related to computer hardware or networking without getting paid, whereas cooperative education is performing some kind of work activity related to computer hardware or networking but you are getting monetary compensation.

Do I need to find my own internship or cooperative education activity?

No, if you are not presently employed in the field, the college will help you find an internship position which will most likely be on campus. If you are presently working in the field, you may be able to use that work activity for the cooperative education requirement.

How many work hours are required for the internship or cooperative education requirement?

One credit hour is equal to 75 hours of work activity so since the program requires that you complete 2 credits, you will need to complete a total of 150 hours. These 2 credits can be taken during 2 separate semesters if you cannot complete 150 hours in one semester.

What kind of job can I get with an Associate of Science Degree?

An Associate degree will prepare you to work in a variety of industries such as customer support, desk top support, networking, entry level system administration, telecommunications, cabling, security, repair and maintenance.

What kind of job can I get with a Bachelor's degree?

A Bachelor's degree will prepare you to work as a systems administrator. You will be equipped to use your technical knowledge in an administrative environment since most of the upper division classes you will be taking are in business and public administration.