Commercial Aviation

Program Status: The college is in process of closing the AVIT Program effective Spring Semester 2016. There will be no new intake for AVIT. Current students will be held to prior catalog year program requirements. Please see academic counselors for more details.

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Program Mission

The Commercial Aviation Program's mission is to serve Hawaiʻi and the Pacific Region as the primary technical training center in aviation by off ering a rigorous pilot flight training curriculum, meeting basic Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements to train and earn FAA certifications leading to careers as professional commercial pilots within the aviation industry.

Program Description

The Commercial Aviation program is a four-semester program of study that prepares students for careers as a professional pilot, including charter and tour services, cargo and transport services, and flight instruction. This flight training program enables students to earn private, commercial, instrument, multi-engine, flight instructor, and instrument flight instructor ratings.

Students may log up to 250 hours of flight time. The Associate in Science degree credits from Commercial Aviation are transferable to 4-year colleges off ering aviation degrees or toward a University of Hawaiʻi degree in other disciplines.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the AVIT program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to safety exercise the privileges and responsibilities of a commercial/instrument pilot acting as pilot-in-command of a multi-engine airplane
  • Satisfactorily pass the FAA Commercial Pilot - Airplane knowledge test
  • Obtain the Commercial Pilot Certificate, Multi-engine land rating as outlined in the appropriate FAA Practical Test Standards and Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Identify aircraft design, engine design, airports, aviation support facilities and the practical economics of airline operations as they support the air transportation industry
  • Demonstrate knowledge of air traffic control (ATC) technology and terminology, career requirements, components and function of the National Airspace System and Terminal and en route ATC facilities as they support the ATC system
  • Identify aviation ground operations, technical operations, flight operations and system operations as they support airline operations and management
  • Provide highlights in the history of aviation from its very beginnings to current endeavors
  • Explain pilot psychology, physiology, human factors, aircraft technology, crew resource management and accident review and investigation as they relate to the aspects of aviation safety
  • (Optional) Demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to safety exercise the privileges and responsibilities of a certified flight instructor

Program Prerequisites

  • Placement in ENG 22/60 or ESL 23
  • Placement in MATH 103
  • Note: Flight Medical Clearance Also Required

Degrees That Can Be Earned

  • Associate in Science
  • Certificate of Competence

Cost of Flight Hours, Textbooks and Supplies

The estimated cost of equipment, textbooks, maps and charts, o online curriculum fees, flight fees for the completed degree, FAA commercial pilot license, and certified flight instructor Certificate is $50,000-$55,000 over four semesters of flight training. Flight hour cost is exclusive of tuition payments. AVIT students may log between 200-250 hours of flight time.

Flight instruction will be provided by Galvin Flight Services Hawaii. All flight fees and tuition are paid to Honolulu CC. Flight fees must be paid in advance of scheduled flight training. For additional information, contact Admissions at 845-9177 or Peter Forman, Commercial Aviation Program Coordinator at or 561-1439.

Faculty & Staff

  • Dexter Chin, Maintenance, Email, 682-6390
  • Robert Dixon, Lecturer, Email, 682-6390
  • Peter Forman, Commercial Aviation Program Coordinator, Email, 561-1439
  • David Huddle, Lecturer, 682-6390
  • David Lohmann, Lecturer, 682-6390
  • Bryan Martines, Lecturer, 682-6390
  • Jarrett Oura, Lecturer, 682-6390 Ext.223
  • Daniel Sole, Lecturer, 682-6390
  • Melvin Souza, Lecturer, Email, 682-6390 Ext,221
  • Jason Van Loan, Lecturer, 682-6390