Students planning to take courses in Mathematics at Honolulu Community College should be aware that the courses are arranged in a definite sequence, with each course either serving as preparation for a succeeding course or as a final course in one part of the sequence. To help the student better visualize this sequence, a schematic is presented in the "Course Descriptions" section of the catalog under Mathematics. Specific prerequisites also are listed in the Course Descriptions section. A grade of "C" or higher in prerequisite courses is required.

Contact: Femar Lee, 847-9841,

Emeritus Faculty: Alice Bertram, Jim Reeder

Faculty & Staff

  • Robert Bates, Instructor, Email, 847-9863
  • Sterling Foster, Instructor, Mathematics, Email, 845-9255
  • Carol Hiraoka, Assistant Professor, Email, 845-9405
  • Michael Kaczmarski, Professor, CC, Email, 845-9256
  • Alan Kamaura, Lecturer, Email, 847-9881
  • Linda Laine, Lecturer, Email, 845-9223
  • Sang Lee, Instructor, Email, 845-9405
  • Femar Lee, Professor, CC, Email
  • Steven Mandraccia, Asst Professor, Email, 847-9807
  • Frank Mauz, Associate Professor, CC, Email, 845-9441
  • Laurel Schuster, Lecturer, 474-6340
  • Cory Takemoto, Associate Professor, CC, Email, 845-9232
  • Faye Tamakawa, Associate Professor, CC, Email, 845-9443
  • Calvin Uhlig, Lecturer CC, 845-9251
  • Timothy Wilson, Professor, CC, Email, 845-9244
  • Arlene Yee, Professor, CC, Email, 845-9156