Course Descriptions & Student Learning Outcomes

HWST 270 - Hawaiian Mythology

  • Prerequisite: HWST 107 or HAW 101; "C" or higher in ENG 100
  • Recommended Prep: HAW 102

Survey of Hawaiian and Polynesian gods, ‘aumakua, kupua, mythical heroes, heroines, and their kinolau as the basis of traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian metaphor.

3 hrs. lect. per week

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of HWST 270, the student will be able to:

  • Evaluate, analyze, and explain the relationships between Hawaiian and Polynesian mo'olelo, religion, and social structure.
  • Analyze and explain how mo'olelo illustrate and set precedents for our cultural values.
  • Explain by comparing and contrasting Polynesian and Western concepts of 'history' and 'myth'.
  • Identify and access major written and oral sources for mo'olelo.
  • Demonstrate significance of Hawaiian akua, 'aumakua, kupua, and similar deities throughout Polynesia.
  • Describe and classify different characters from Hawaiian mo'olelo and their Polynesian counterparts.

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