Course Descriptions & Student Learning Outcomes

DISL 56 - Hydraulics (2)

  • Prerequisite: DISL 20

DISL majors only. Instruction beginning with the fundamentals of hydraulic theory followed by instruction in the service, repair, and overhaul of the hydraulic circuits used on both stationary and mobile machinery.

60 hrs. lect./lab. per term

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of DISL 56, the student will be able to:

  • List 3 advantages and disadvantages of hydraulics
  • Identify 3 separate hydraulic systems on the DIMCH flatbed dump truck
  • Name Pascal's 4 laws of hydraulics
  • Disassemble, inspect, and reassemble various hydraulic components by following instruction and filling in a task sheet
  • Identify and describe the function of 8 different hydraulic components as pointed out by instructor
  • Match a list of hydraulic terms to their correct definitions
  • Calculate problems using hydraulics terms to their correct definitions
  • Recognize and identify hydraulic symbols
  • Identify components and fluid flow on a hydraulic schematic
  • Explain about hydraulic system safety, inspection and component replacement
  • List probable causes of hydraulic system failures
  • Determine correct values using a flow chart
  • Correctly assemble hydraulic circuits on a portable fluid trainer

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