Course Descriptions & Student Learning Outcomes

DISL 31 - Drive Train (4)

  • Prerequisite: DISL 20

Classroom instruction and laboratory training covering both standard (single and multiple countershaft) manual transmissions. Specifically, through the disassembly, inspection, assembly, and adjustment of transmissions, a foundation will be provided for an understanding of the operating principles, basic components, and proper rebuilding and trouble shooting methods for transmissions. Also included will be Classroom instruction and laboratory training covering the disassembly, inspection, identifi cation, and adjustment of several different models of diff erentials. Specifically, work stations will include: single reduction, two speed planetary reduction, and double reduction and interaxle diff erentials. Course exit competencies will include the ability to: disassemble and assemble; inspect parts; set bearing preload, backlash, and endplay; identify tooth contact pattern; and check gear runout and torque fasteners. All of these tasks will be performed to the required manufacturer specifications as found in the component manuals.

120 hrs. lect./lab. per term

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of DISL 31, the student will be able to:

Standard Transmission

  • Correctly disassemble & reassemble a complete transmission
  • Demonstrate proper use of hand and specialty tools
  • List the names of transmission components and their functions
  • Locate and identify model, serial and part numbers
  • Point out the power flow threw a transmission in any gear
  • Explain the air system on fuller transmission
  • Describe the lubrication system
  • Discuss the high-low shift in the multiple speed auxiliary section
  • Install a PTO (power take-off) and adjust backlash
  • Make a parts list of selected items using a parts book
  • Discuss failure analysis items using a parts book
  • List preventive maintenance procedures


  • Identify components and their functions in a differential
  • Select and use tools, service manuals and measuring instruments
  • Demonstrate ability to use a 5 ton press and arbor press
  • Describe procedure to remove and replace bearing, cup and oil seal
  • Point out the power flow from drive shaft to wheels
  • Explain how to preload pinion bearings
  • Locate and identify model, serial and part book
  • Make a part list using a parts book
  • Match complaints to trouble shooting guide
  • Discuss failure analysis and identify marks
  • List preventive maintenance procedures

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