Course Descriptions & Student Learning Outcomes

CMGT 216 - Construction Law and Contracts (3)

  • Prerequisite: CMGT 145

CMGT majors only. This course focuses on understanding the relationship between contract documents and the construction process. Students will explore contractual relationships, legal roles and responsibilities, and contract types. General condition clauses that affect levels of decision making authority, project close-out, and the superintendents role as an agent of the contractor will be studied. Students will study legal issues that often result in construction disputes including differing site conditions, time and schedule impacts, change orders, and changed conditions. Students will also study contract dispute resolution including negotiations, alternatives dispute resolutions, and litigation of dispute.

3 hrs. lect. per week

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of CMGT 216, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of contract documents and construction law as they pertain to on-site construction supervisors.
  • Differentiate between various contractual relationships by understanding the roles and responsibilities of contractual parties.
  • Recognize, develop and manage a document control system.
  • Know how to handle schedule impacts, delays, accelerations, suspensions and disruption of time related work activities.

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