Course Descriptions & Student Learning Outcomes

CA 150 - Special Projects (4)

  • Prerequisite: CA 132

CA majors only. An advanced course that provides students with on-the-job experience in a classroom environment. Emphasis is on producing posters, brochures, and other publications from conception to finish printed material. Extensive use of computer and other media skills.

4 hrs. lect. per week

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of CA 150, the student will be able to:

  • Perform the following steps of the design process at an advanced level:
    • investigate client needs
    • do research
    • define the design problem
    • problem solve
    • develop an idea or concept
    • do thumbnails
    • do roughs
    • do comps
    • do presentation art
    • finish production of mechanicals
    • finish production of final art
  • Select appropriately from various technical alternatives to achieve design solutions.
  • Demonstrate competence in using the following means of production:
    • computers
    • design software
    • pre press production
    • service bureaus
  • Designate printing and paper specs.
  • Oversee printing and production bids.
  • Do quality control.
  • Follow billing practices.
  • Write technical specifications, project objectives, and reports.
  • Give oral presentations.
  • Demonstrate effective listening skills.
  • Build constructive interpersonal relationships with peers and supervisors.
  • Organize time and maintain schedules to meet deadlines.
  • Produce layout, measure, and rule relevant guidelines.
  • Produce jobs with the following specifications:
    • half tones
    • special effects
    • single and multi-color
    • screen tints
    • line and half tone combination
    • 4-page signature
    • 8-page signature
    • duotone
    • tritone
    • full-color

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