Course Descriptions & Student Learning Outcomes

CA 134 - Digital Photography (4)

Introduction to digital photography. Emphasis on tools, techniques, and software used to acquire and manipulate digital images. Digital camera required.

4 hrs. lect. per week

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of CA 134, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the history of commercial photography.
  • Know how both types of images are prepared for use,know how to prepare photographic images for use by a graphic designer; and know how to choose which process-chemical or electronic image-will best meet a client's needs.
  • Understand current photographic business practices, copyright and other laws that apply to the use of images for commercial purposes in the graphic design and commercial photography industries.
  • Relate photography to other image making processes used in graphic design so the student can better determine when to use traditional photo, electronic imaging, illustration, multimedia, or other image making processes as appropriate to client needs.
  • Assemble a portfolio that demonstrates an ability to use photographic materials.

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