Course Descriptions & Student Learning Outcomes

APTR 193V - Cooperative Education (1-6)

  • Instructor approval required.

This course provides students with an opportunity to gain work experience related to the program major. This course was created according to an agreement between the Department of Navy and Honolulu CC for students under the SCEP Program through the Offi ce of Personnel Management (OPM). Students must be recommended by the work supervisor in order to enroll. Students may enroll 4 times for a maximum of 16 credits.

75 hrs. of supervised work experience per credit

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of APTR 193V, the student will be able to:

  • Job Placement. The student will obtain a position with a company that is related to his/her major and perform a minimum of 75 hours per semester for each credit. This Learning Outcome will be assessed by:
    • Cooperative Education Student Application Form
    • Resume, Cover letter and list of potential employers
    • Cooperative Education Agreement
  • Personal Assessment. The student will demonstrate an understanding of personal skills with an awareness of the impact of abilities and skills on career development and academic achievement. This learning outcome will be assessed by:
    • Mid Term Report
    • Student Evaluation of Cooperative Education Experience
    • Learning Outcome Paper(s}
  • Job Performance. As part of a team, the student will perform all duties required at the cooperative education work site, demonstrating positive work habits and using appropriate procedures, tools and equipment, consistent with all applicable standards and OSHA regulations. This Learning Outcome will be assessed by:
    • Student Time Sheet
    • Employment Supervisor's Evaluation of Cooperative Education

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