Course Descriptions & Student Learning Outcomes

AJ 137 - Patrol Procedures (3)

  • Prerequisite or Corequisite: AJ 101

This course will cover the duties and responsibilities of the patrol divisions of law enforcement agencies. The organization, operation and eff ectiveness of patrol will be examined and evaluated. The student will become familiar with the various methods departments use to accomplish the patrol mission such as team policing, beat plans and unique solutions like bicycles, all terrain vehicles and aircraft.

3 hrs. lect. per week

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of AJ 137, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the various duties of uniformed police officers.
  • Assess manpower expenditures of a department.
  • Define patrol methods such as "team policing," "basic car plan," and "unit beat policing."
  • Differentiate the role of the uniformed officer in each type of patrol unit.
  • Analyze a patrol problem.
  • Discuss the Kansas City Experiment and its findings.

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