Course Descriptions & Student Learning Outcomes

AERO 131 - Advanced General Aircraft Maintenance II (7)

  • Prerequisite: "C" in AERO 130
  • Corequisite: AERO 130

AERO majors only. Fundamentals of direct and alternating current electricity, and fundamentals of applied physics; calculate and measure electrical power volts, amps, and resistance; use electrical diagrams; perform weight and balance operations in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulation Part 147.

250 hrs. lect./lab. over 8 weeks

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of AERO 131, the student will be able to:

  • Calculate and measure capacitance, inductance, electrical power, voltage, current, and resistance.
  • Read and interpret electrical circuit diagrams
  • Inspect and service batteries
  • Use and understand simple machines, sound, fluid and heat dynamics; basic aerodynamics; aircraft structures; and theory of flight
  • Weigh aircraft
  • Perform weight and balance record keeping

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