Additional Information

Informed Consent Statement

The purpose of this statement is to define the scope of services provided for students with the Admissions and Counseling Office and to provide information about confidentiality expectations.

Read the Honolulu CC Counseling Informed Consent Statement.


New students are invited to attend an orientation to college life and an introduction to their program of study each semester. Career orientations designed to assist unclassified students in selecting a major as well as career exploration activities for students who are considering selecting a new major are provided along with the program faculty each semester.

Academic Counseling

Each major offered at Honolulu Community College has a specific counselor that works with both faculty and students working towards a specific degree or certificate. This individual will be your primary point of contact. Each counselor at Honolulu Community College is will be able to counsel students in all majors so students do not have to wait to see their specific program counselor. Counselors assist students with planning their programs of study, course placement, prerequisites, course sequence, registration and transfer information is provided.

Admissions Counseling

Students will generally be referred to the specific program counselor for the major that they wish to enroll in or will be given assistance in assessing their educational needs, goals, career interests and academic qualifications. General questions concerning the admissions process can be directed to our office staff at (808) 845-9129.

Career Counseling

Counselors will work with students to explore career possibilities and training opportunities. Counselors will help students assess their skills, interests and values in developing career and life plans. Individual assistance, workshops and orientations are available to help students in career exploration.

High School Counseling Connection

High school students normally use school resources to learn about different college options and programs. Please contact our Outreach Office for information and assistance: You may also email counseling specific questions to:

Testing and Tutoring Services

These services are provided by Testing and Tutoring. You may contact them at (808) 845-9217.


Workshops are scheduled throughout the school year to provide them with information and assistance to cope with and succeed in college. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Time management
  • Sources of financial assistance
  • Study skills
  • Reading skills
  • Resume and Interview preparation
  • Student life and campus activities