Frequently Asked Questions

Health Clearance

Q: Where do I turn in my Health Clearance documents? I remember bringing them to the Health Office in the past.

A: Health Clearance documents should be sent to the Admissions Office at Honolulu CC.

Disability Accommodations

Q: Didn't the Health Office provide disability accommodations in the past? Where do I go now?

A: Students may contact the Student ACCESS office at (808) 844-2392 or 808-845-9272 email: the earlier you contact them, the better off you'll be in receiving timely and appropriate accommodations.

TB Records/Clearance

Q: Can I get my health clearance records back?

A: No you cannot. Upon enrollment, the Admissions Office asks you for copies of your TB and MMR shots/blood tests. Theses copies of your TB and MMR shots/blood tests we receive become the property of the University. Unfortunately, we are unable to research and provide these copies back to you. Please obtain copies of your records from the health care provider who authorized or administered the TB or MMR shots/blood tests for you.

Q: What if I can't find my health clearance records?

A: First, we ask that students to carefully search for their own copies of records that they may currently have for school and health. The Admissions Office customarily makes copies of these types of records and returns the original copy to you. If you cannot find your original copies of these documents, you should check with the health clearance provider who authorized or administered the TB or MMR shots/blood tests for you and request a copy of these records. Once you obtain these copies you don't ever want to misplace or give up your original. Make multiple copies and place them in a "school" and "health" folder so that you can find it should you need it in the future.

Q: What if my doctor doesn't practice medicine anymore?

A: If you have exhausted all other options and are unable to obtain copies of your records, then you can request a MMR blood test coupon from the Admissions Office to use at Kalihi-Palama Health Center. This discounted coupon is made available to Honolulu CC students and price is subject to change. You may also request a blood test for MMR be done through your health care provider and Diagnostic Labs or Clinical Labs often will give a discount if these blood tests are paid for at the time of service. Your health care provider may charge you additional fees and may require you to make an appointment before and/or after the blood test, so we suggest you ask first what the pricing is or options that they have for you to comply with the health clearance requirement to have proof of the two (2) MMR shots or proof of positive blood screening for MMR.

Q: If I am taking only online courses at Honolulu CC, do I still need medical clearance?

A: Unfortunately, yes because once you are accepted as a student, you are allowed to take in-person and other types of classes. There is no mechanism in Banner (registration system) that restricts students from registering only in online/web classes.

Q: Do TB clearance (shots or x-ray reports) expire?

A: No. It doesn't expire. We accept TB tests that are older than a year old providing you are able to show proof that you attended a post-secondary class somewhere within that time period.

Q: Can I transfer my records to UH Mānoa or UHWO?

A: We instruct all students to keep their original copy so that you may submit it to your new institution. We cannot send or release health records. If your desired campus is in the UH system, they may look it up in the system that we all use for registration. The most we can offer is to verify that your health clearance information is saved and in GOAMEDI (Banner) and you can then have the UH institution check into that record to view what was recorded. It is at their discretion whether or not they accept it or require that a hard copy of this record be produced and given to them.

Q: How current does my TB test have to be before I enroll for school?

A: Your TB test has to be done within a year of the start of the semester you are entering.

Insurance/Medical Care

Q: Where can I get health insurance?

A: The UH system offers a medical insurance plan. The UH/Chaminade Student Insurance Plan is available to all students in the UH system. More information can be found here.