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Announcements & Upcoming Events

I. Blood Drives!

Want to save up to three lives? Become an everyday hero and donate blood to the Blood Bank of Hawaii. There will be various blood drives on campus throughout the semester.

II. Flu Shot!

Stay healthy this semester! It's still not too late to consider getting a flu shot! Get your flu shot, without having to wait in a doctor's office. Get your flu shot quick and easy in our community.

Stay tuned for other workshops the Health Office might hold!

Flu Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Health Clearance

Q: Where do I turn in my Health Clearance documents? I remember bringing them to the Health Office in the past.

A: Health Clearance documents should be sent to the Admissions Office at Honolulu CC.

Disability Accommodations

Q: Didn't the Health Office provide disability accommodations in the past? Where do I go now?

Patient Rights & Responsibilities


  • Patients shall be treated with respect, consideration and dignity.
  • Patients shall be provided appropriate privacy.
  • Patients may request communication of health information in a manner that best ensures confidentiality.

Blood Drive

NEW GUIDELINES starting April 1, 2014 enable some to be able to donate now.

Please contact the Blood Bank at 848-4745 after April 1, 2014 to check if you previously were told you could not donate due to tattoos, piercings, heart condition or stroke, cancer,asthma or other lung conditions, or if you were on certain medications.

Next Blood Drive

Blood Mobile will be at HCC and will be parked on the Mall near the Cafeteria on the following dates:

Insurance Plans

University of Hawaiʻi Endorsed Insurance Plans

Here are the latest updates as of 8-14-14!

The insurance plan now includes a dental option! There are now 4 options to choose from! See the box below for more details.

Medical Care

The Health Office does not have a physician or nurse practitioner on staff that can prescribe medications or conduct treatment beyond the nurse's scope of practice. For physicals, serious health conditions that require immediate or urgent medical attention and TB testing or MMR immunizations, please contact your personal medical care provider or view the options in the "referrals" section below.

Emergency Care

The basic instructions are as follows:

AEDs & First Aid Kits


Although the Honolulu CC Health Office holds First Aid/ CPR and AED classes periodically throughout the year, these classes are reserved strictly for Honolulu CC faculty, staff and students only.

Requests for classes for Honolulu CC employees or students may be made at least 4-6 weeks in advance due to scheduling, limitations in availability of suitable classrooms, and the advance planning required to acquire classroom materials. Each class must have a minimum of 4 to 5 people in each class and are subject to the approval of Health Nurse.

* Course fees vary depending on the course being taught. Course fee covers the cost of the required book, classroom materials, and upon successful completion of the requirements for the course, the student will obtain a course completion card (issued within approximately 2-3 weeks after the class).

Check here for Latest Updates! As of 7/16/13.

If you need to take a first aid or CPR class soon and the Health Office does not have a class that you can partake in, please check out the list below for some other alternatives. Note: The University of Hawaiʻi-Honolulu Community College does not endorse these courses in any way.

First Aid Kit Caretakers

All First Aid Kit Caretakers! Refilling your first aid kits just got easier! How? We now have form fillable checklists available on our website. This allows you to simply type in the information. After it is printed, you can easily drop it in our mailbox. To access these forms you can either scroll down further or look under our "forms" section. Mahalo for being a caretaker and look for announcements from our office throughout this semester!

Please clean and check your first aid kits before classes start each semester! Refill checklists should be submitted to the Health Office in August, November, February and May. Call the Health Office at x282 or email if you have questions.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

In an emergency, contact Security at 284-1270 or 271-4836 for an AED. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are available and located at the following locations:

  • Security - mounted on Security's utility carts to be taken to location needed
  • Health Office - Building 2, Rm 108A
  • Administration -Building 6, 2nd floor Vice Chancellor Administrative Service Office

At Honolulu CC, Security Officers and the nurse are the designated official emergency responders to medical emergency/events on-campus. They are trained in performing CPR and first aid while they await 911 Emergency Medical Service personnel's arrival on campus. Security and the nurse are trained in American Heart Association's Heartsaver Adult, Child and Infant CPR and the use of an AED and American Red Cross First Aid.

In addition, all CPR classes taught by the Health Office to Honolulu CC departmental personnel covers how to properly use an AED. Courses offered to Honolulu CC faculty and staff are substantially lower in cost to encourage personnel to take advantage of learning CPR/AED or first aid to use in their personal lives. The added benefit to Honolulu CC is that they are taught the critical importance of calling 911 in an emergency.

This is a list of all CPR/AED trained personnel [PDF] by department/area on campus. (Updated as of 12-20-13)

First Aid Kits

First aid kits are strategically placed about the campus are solely provided for basic first aid treatment and are not meant to replace the care or treatment from a qualified medical professional.

This is a list of all First Aid Kits [PDF] on campus. (Updated  as of 7/31/13)

General Information on Rendering First Aid in an Emergency

If there is a life-threatening emergency, it is imperative that you call 911 immediately.

Steps to take in an emergency:

  • For life-threatening condition, call 911 immediately. Give specific location (Building/Room #) & road to enter campus.
  • Send someone to meet the emergency crew, if possible.
  • Call Security at 284-1270 or 271-4836 to guide crew to scene & for further assistance.
  • Security will contact Nurse or Mental Health Wellness Counselor depending on emergency.
  • If no answer, weekday business hours call 845-9142 (Operations & Maintenance) or the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services at 294-9123.

Each first aid kit contains only basic first aid supplies such as a CPR mask, gloves, assorted bandages, tape, alcohol and antiseptic wipes.

* Please note that these first aid kits do not hold any oral medications such as acetaminophen or aspirin or topical antibiotic or ointments as stipulated by OSHA standards. Anything more than a minor cut or scrape should be followed up by a visit to your physician. It is the responsibility of the person injured for any charges that were incurred for ambulance, related medical expenses, and follow-up care in the event of an emergency.

First Aid Kit Refills

Although each kit has a designated person responsible for ensuring that the kit is adequate stocked and in it's proper location, it takes everyone (faculty, staff and students) to make sure your first aid kit is ready for the next emergency! It's easy to help us keep our first aid kits maintained!

Here are some simple steps to keeping your first aid kit ready and filled so it's ready when you need it:

  • Involve students/student assistants or even new employees to check first aid kits. It helps them get familiar with items in the kit as well as the process in helping to maintain a health and safe work environment.
  • Check your first aid kit each August, November, February and May (before and during each semester).
  • Print the appropriate checklist.

    All Offices/Areas:

    Complete the Honolulu CC First Aid Kit Refill Checklist [PDF]

    View photos of First Aid Kit Checklist Items:

    "High Risk, High Need" Areas (ABRP, AMT, AERO, AVIT, CARP, DISL, MARR, RAC, SMP & WELD), Children's Lab, Maintenance/Print Shop, Security:

    In addition to the Honolulu CC First Aid Kit Refill Checklist [PDF], please complete the Supplemental Checklist [PDF]

    View photos of Supplemental Checklist Items:

  • Conduct first aid kit inspection & inventory:
    • Is the kit in a convenient and accessible location?
    • Does the kit meet your current needs or should it be relocated to better serve your day/evening/weekend population?
    • Inside/outside of the kit and items inside (packaging) should be clean and dry.
    • Return all expired items, items damaged and items not on checklist.
    • Note the amount of items present in kit on refill checklist(s)
    • Note any special concerns or requests that you may have on refill checklist.
  • Photocopy and keep one copy of refill checklist form(s) for your records.
  • Forward completed form(s) to the Health Office via email or mailbox in mailroom.
  • Available supplies will be sent within a week of receipt of refill checklist form or as soon as we receive them from vendor.
  • If you do not receive your items within a week, please check on the status of your refill.

Email the Health Office for questions or concerns related to first aid kits, refills, or requests for campus emergency posters.

Health Record

The Admissions Office receives and maintains all Health clearance (TB & MR) records. Health Clearance records submitted are the property of the College. Health Clearance records that are submitted in-person are photocopied and originals are returned to students.

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