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FT Technical Standards

Our program technical standards have been developed to help students understand the minimum essential mental, physical, and behavioral skills necessary for participation in and completion of all core aspects of our curriculum.

Fashion Technology

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Program Mission

The Fashion Technology program's mission is to serve the community as a learning-centered, open door program that provides technical training to meet the demands of the fashion industry and the needs of the individual. An open-exit option allows the students to identify their career objectives and participate in program exploration.

Program Description

The curriculum is designed to provide competency for a wide range of occupations in the fashion industry. Theoretical knowledge and practical skills are applied in clothing construction, industrial sewing, flat patternmaking, designing, textiles, fashion sketching, grading, marking and cutting, and computerized g grading and marking. Internship or cooperative education experiences are available to interested students. This broad background enables students to select various occupations such as designer, patternmaker, cutter, or custom dressmaker.

The program offers an Associate degree, and Certificates of Achievement and Competence. Faculty members assist students in selecting the courses related to their talents and interest.

Faculty members assist students in selecting the courses related to their talents and interest.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the FT program, students will be able to:

  • Design and sketch appropriate garment designs suitable to the market or customer.
  • Select appropriate fabrics and notions suitable to the garment's design.
  • Drape, draft or manipulate flat patterns to create accurate garment patterns.
  • Lay perfected patterns correctly and economically onto markers or fabric.
  • Cut fabric using appropriate tools, including power tools.
  • Construct garments using various sewing techniques.
  • Fit garments on various body types and be able to make the proper adjustments.
  • Grade the finished patterns into various sizes.
  • Present the garments in a professional manner to “sell" the designs.
  • Define the fashion industry's manufacturing process.

Program Prerequisites

MATH 9, OR Placement in MATH 50 or higher

Degrees That Can Be Earned

  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
  • Certificate of Achievement (CA)
  • Certificate of Competence (CoC)

Cost of Textbooks/Supplies

The cost for textbooks is approximately $200-$500 per semester. The cost of supplies vary depending on projects ($150-$300 per semester).

Gainful Employment Information

View additional information related to cost, financing, and gainful employment.

Faculty & Staff

  • Elsie Casamina-Fernandez, Lecturer, 847-9852
  • Tania deJesus, Lecturer, 845-9852
  • So Yeun Gay, Academic Support, 845-9203
  • Karen Kamahele, Lecturer, Email, 845-9474
  • Joy Nagaue, Associate Professor, Liaison , Email, 845-9203
  • Lillian Zane, Lecturer , Email, 845-9271
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