Construction Management

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Program Mission

Provide training for students who are interested in developing entry level management skills or inservice professional development required for employment in the construction industry.

Construction Academy

Coordinator: Kenton Short (832-3700,

The Honolulu Community College Construction Academy partners with various Department of Education high schools on O‘ahu, to introduce high school students to the broad range of construction industry related careers and to provide opportunities to explore and develop the technical, academic, and employability skills necessary to make informed choices on possible career opportunities within the construction and other industries.

Liberal Arts Academic Subject Certificates

Asian Studies

Program Description

Honolulu Community College offers students the opportunity to study the languages and cultures of Asia in an interdisciplinary program leading to an Academic Subject Certificate in Asian Studies. This academic credential is included on student transcripts and can be the first step toward employment in a variety of professional and academic fields related directly or indirectly to Asia.

Seniors/Emeritus College

Coordinator: Adrienne Kamaura (808-845-9451,

Instructors: Walter Chun, Eugene Kawamata, Keiko Nakajo, Billie Piianaia, Myron Yamashiro, Edward Yonemoto, Marion Yuen

Introduction to College English (ICE)

Liaison: Gary James (808-845-9248,

ICE non-credit courses at two different levels are designed to help resident immigrants improve their language skills for college and/or work. Instruction in reading/vocabulary, writing/grammar, and listening/speaking is provided 15 hours weekly for 7 weeks.

Summer 2014 Non-Credit ESL/ICE Schedule (May 19 - June 30)

PACE for Early Childhood

The Early Childhood option includes a non-credit program, PACE (Professional and Career Education for Early Childhood). PACE Workshops are geared to meet training and enrichment needs of early childhood practitioners on Oʻahu. Four core introductory courses (ED 105, ED 110, ED 131 & ED 140) and one elective (ED 152) from Honolulu CC's Early Childhood Education program are offered in a non-credit workshop format of sixteen 3-hour class sessions each. The workshops can be taken in any order.

Course Descriptions & Student Learning Outcomes

Apprenticeship/Journeyworker Training

Coordinators: James Niino (808-845-9245,, Guy Shibayama (808-845-9245,

The Apprenticeship Training program provides related instruction to those on Oʻahu who are apprenticing in various construction and mechanical trades. In addition, training opportunities may be offered to journey workers to upgrade their skills and obtain job-related certifications.

Off Campus Education Program

Liaison: Sandy Pinell (808-421-4350, 808-421-4352 (fax),

Jump Start

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